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brow lamination

A brow lamination is another form of perming service. A perm solution is added to the root so we can change the direction of brow hair growth, allowing us to make the brows look more full, lifted, and even. Results last between 5-10 weeks depending on your natural hair cycle. Perm solutions also have a tendency to lighten hairs, so pairing with a tint can give you a more defined look. We offer tint from blonde to brunette to red head. No channelling Groucho Marx here.

You'll leave with a vaseline-like cream on to keep brows silky smooth for the first day. Then you can style them by brushing them upwards in the morning or securing them with brow oil or gel.

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before coming

Book a test patch to ensure you have no adverse reactions -

Avoid tweezing or trimming brows for 2-3 weeks prior -

Lamination solution will remove brow hair dye in the area. Add a tint if needed -

Avoid medically-active skin care for at least 7 days prior, depending on strength -

Potential contraindications: cuts or break outs in the area. antibiotics, anti-aging creams, anti acne medication, skin thinning treatments like facial peels or microdermabrasion, psoriasis or eczema in the area, blood thinning medication, brow hair growth serums

Potential allergens: thioglycolic acid, ammonium thioglycolate, cetearyl alcohol, polyquaternium-28, urea, glyceryl stearate, steartrimonium chloride, clycerin, lanolin, ethanolamine, disodium edta, hydrogen peroxide, cetyl alcohol, phosphoric acid, paraffinum liquidum, ceteareth-25, sodium stannate.

- hair cannot get wet for 24 hours after the service


- results last 5-10 weeks depending on the natural life cycle of your hair


- tints can fade with washing and therefore last 1-6 weeks

- daily brushing or gelling is required to let your results live their best life


This is a perming service, hair may need a little TLC afterwards. Specifically, a brow oil or conditioner.

This is a game changer and it will only prolong results and keep hairs happy and healthy.



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