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  • let's get personal

  • what a pretty kitty

    55 Canadian dollars
  • ultimate brow goals

    95 Canadian dollars
  • if a human and a lash curler had a baby

    95 Canadian dollars
  • bring your brow game up, permanently

    450 Canadian dollars
  • semi-permanent faux freckles

    150 Canadian dollars
  • bring your brows back to life with a wax

    20 Canadian dollars
  • remove the need for make up by adding a tint to your regular brow wax

    45 Canadian dollars
  • the best 15 bucks you ever spent

    15 Canadian dollars
  • lower leg + knee

    35 Canadian dollars
  • let's get serious and discuss your dream brows

  • braz + full legs, bum, lashes, brows

    220 Canadian dollars
  • French, stomach, chest

    95 Canadian dollars
  • back, shoulders, bum+

    60 Canadian dollars
  • lash lift, brows, upper lip, French

    140 Canadian dollars

Hormones can effect hair + skin characteristics, which in turn effect the duration of waxing services.

Tom Cat ♂ services are for people with high circulating testosterone and/or penile anatomy.

♀services are for people with high circulating estrogen and/or vulva anatomy.

Non-binary+ ⚧ clients can book personalized treatments.

Kitten services are for body waxing on youth (under 18).

EveryBODY is welcome.

Book nails with Julia here.

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